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My profession or business type is not on the website. Can I still get insured?

Find your profession by starting your application, which has a comprehensive list of all the professions we insure.

The list is long therefore, our website does not show every profession that we insure. The best way to check if you can get insured is to type your profession into the online application.


While NOW ensures many classes, we do not cover the entire market. We will be adding more classes in the coming months. If you are unable to find your profession you can revisit our website on a future date. You can also email Customerservice@nowinsurance.com or call us at 888-585-2075 to see if we have plans to insure your profession. 

Text "SUPPORT" to 888-585-2075 for additional assistance! 

Business hours: Mon-Fri 7:00AM-7:00PM (CT)